To provide individuals and organizations with transformation or transition tools through coaching, training and consulting services to accomplish their purpose. 

Greetings from the CEO

Ms. Way is a Certified Professional (Life & Career) Coach from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County California and a member of John Maxwell’s Team as an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher & Speaker. She is a member of the National Society for Human Resources Management and National Speakers Association-Arizona. Recent business projects include 2014 The Power of Collaboration Women’s Symposium, 2015 Victorious Secrets Leadership Women’s Conference and coming in May 2016 Victorious Leadership Conference.


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Darryl Clack
Former Dallas Cowboy NFL Player / Arizona

2016 Victorious Leadership Conference

It was a pleasure being invited to the Victorious Leadership Conference. The Conference ignited flames of passion for those attending, by the dynamic speakers, who each brought their individual talents and skills to the stage." Pat did a fantastic job bringing talent together, to build a foundation of Leadership within the community. She has my full support in future events.

Cellenia Rios-Alvarado
Behavior Health Intake Specialist / Arizona

2016 Victorious Leadership Conference

This was my first Leadership Conference and it far exceeded anything I could have expected. The Speaker's were great. Each Speaker shared their stories and helped me realize that I can make a difference.

Darice Perry
Community Relations Specialist, SportMetric / Arizona

2016 Victorious Leadership Conference

I thought the Host was really inspiring as she told her story, as to how she began her business and the support system that was developed. I walked away thinking, I can do the same thing. It was great meeting her and seeing her efforts come to life.

Ingrid Paulsen
Gilbert, Arizona

2015 Victorious Secrets Women's Leadership Conference

I attended the first Victorious Secrets Leadership Conference presented by Birth2Worth. It was an eye opening experience for me. I was at a crossroad point in my life. The conference helped me realize I had to take the reins of my life back and not give that power to anyone else. I invite you to be a part of the next Victorious Leadership Conference.

Veronica Heno-Henderson
Certified Community Service Chaplain / North Carolina

2015 Victorious Secrets Women’s Leadership Conference

Victorious Secrets Women’s Leadership Conference was impactful and life altering. This conference provided me with exercises and know-how that moved me to the next level of stepping into my God given Destiny. The solid teaching and Christ-centered fellowship was exhilarating and left me anticipating the next conference.